Enough Said, LLC and The Lineman's Wedge

Enough Said, LLC - The Lineman's Wedge, Patents pending

Enough Said, LLC - Home of the Lineman's Wedge (Patents Pending)

Enough Said, LLC, is the American company behind the innovation of The Lineman's Wedge. The Wedge was designed by linemen, for linemen.

With over 30 years experience in the power line industry, The Wedge was developed to make the separation of T2/V2 conductors safer, faster, and easier.

To learn more, use the arrows to scroll through the demos below. Or view more images and videos of the Wedge in action.

When I saw this product in action about a year ago I thought, "What a great innovation, yet such a simple idea!" After scouring the Internet, I ordered it immediately — and I'll be ordering more. This tool is such a great time-saver! I only wish I had it as an apprentice when working for Prairie Land, building their entire T-2 system!

Alex Miller

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Check out our most recent pix and videos from the ICUEE trade show in Louisville, Kentucky.


The Lineman's Wedge

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How do I use the Lineman's Wedge? (Scrollable Demos 1-6)

  • demo1

    The Wedge's spiral design
    and sturdy construction lets
    you easily split T2/V2 conductors

  • demo2

    Place Wedge tip
    between T2 or V2 conductors

  • demo3

    Twist the Lineman's Wedge between the conductors
    to part them

  • demo4

    The Wedge easily and safely
    holds the conductors apart while you work

  • demo5

    Plus, the Wedge can be attached to a power tool to speed up
    the  job

  • demo6

    Easy to insert, to shift through the lines, and to remove — making work safer and faster

    Wedge tilting powerline conductors vertically